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New CY-1277 B/PT: Original Canvas Carrying bags For TA-312/PT or TA-43/PT: These are brand new, unused carrying bags, CY-1277 B/PT with Carrying Straps: $24.95

Used CY-1277B/PT:Also I have used (a little scuffed and worn) complete, clean and very serviceable bags with carry straps.$16.95

Carrying Straps, New for CY-1277 B/PT carrying bags: Original. For the TA-312/PT or TA-43/PT:$9.95

New, unused Headset H-182/PT primarily for the SB-22/PT Switchboard, with Technical Manual or the TA-312/PT (using the U-79/U Connector). $130.00 (comes with an extra new ear cushion).

TA-/312/PT (TA-312A/PT) TA-43/PT Parts

Used tested Hand set H-60/PT SM-D-20797
Item 19: -- Used Tested Handset H-60 TA-312/PT TA-43/PT
Cord Assembly CX-2151/U SC-D-19833
Item 18: -- Brand New H-60/PT Handset Cord TA-312/PT TA-43/PT
Transmitter Microphone Element TA-117/PT SM-C-207991
Item 13: -- Transmitter element TA-117/PT for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT field telephone
Receiver Earphone Element TA-235/PT SM-C-208021
Item 14: -- Receiver element TA-235/PT for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT field telephone
 Contact Housing
Item 20: --Plastic Contact Housing
for Transmitter element TA-117/PT
Item 10: -- Gasket for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT
Push-to-Talk Switch SA-129/PT SM-D-207961
Item 16: -- SA-129/PT Push-to-Talk-Switch H-60/PT for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT
Switch Cover SM-C-207935
Item 15: -- Push-to-talk-switch SA-129/PT rubber cover for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT

Item 17: -- New Deicing Screen For H-60/PT Handset-TA-312/PT and TA-43/PT
Deicing Screen Diaphram
Item 2: New Repair Deicing Screen For H-60/PT Handset TA-312/PT and TA-43/PT
Hook Switch SM-C-283413
Item 12: -- Hook Switch for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT field telephone NSN 5930-566-1638
Retaining Spring
Item 30: -- Handset Retaining Spring

Other TA-/312/PT (TA-312A/PT) TA-43/PT Parts

Binding Post Assembly SM-C-283478
Item 9: -- TA-312/PT Binding Post Connectors
TA-43/PT TA-1/PT NSN 5940-5556-7802

Item 4: TA-1/PT Binding Post Connectors
Binding Post Rubber Covers>
Item 6: -- 5 sets 2ea per set
Binding Post Rubber Covers
for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT TA-1/PT
Visual Ring Indicator U-184/G Item 1: LAMP FOR TA-312/PT TA-43/PT

Item 11: -- 4 each SB-993/GT Switchboard plug modules
Battery Cover Assy SM-C-207814
Item 5: -- Battery Compartment cover for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT NSN 6135-681-8597
Battery Compartment Cover ID Plate
Item 28: -- Battery Compartment Cover ID Plate TA-312/PT TA-43/PT

Item 25: -- Battery Compartment Contact Assembly
TA-312/PT, TA-312A/PT, TA-43/PT
Pranger Assembly
Item 8: -- Pranger Assembly TA-312/PT TA-43/PT field telephone
ID Data ID Plate
Item 21: ID Metal ID Data Plate

for TA-312/PT,TA-312A/PT, TA-43/PT
TA-312/PT TA-43/PT Buzzer Control Knob
Item 22: Buzzer Control Knob

for TA-312/PT,TA-312A/PT, TA-43/PT

Item 7: -- Cap Cover for the U-79/U connector for TA-312/PT field telephone

Pranger Assembly
Item 31: -- G-42/PT Generator Hand Wheel for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT field telephone
H-60/PT Handset Transmitter Cap
Item 32: -- H-60/PT Transmitter Cap for TA-312/PT TA-43/PT field telephone
Technical Manual 312/PT Telephone set
Item 33: -- Technical Manual -- How to Repair TA-312/PT field telephone
Cradle Rubber Cushion for 312/PT Telephone set
Item 35: -- Cradle Rubber Cushion
Screws fpr  312/PT and TA-43/PT Telephone set
Item 36: -- Screws for TA-312/PT and TA-43/PT
off hook lamp assy for TA-312/PT &TA43/PT
Item 40: -- Off Hook Light Assy
for TA-312/PT and TA-43/PT

TA-1/PT Sound Power Field Telephones

TA-1/PT Generator Protective Cover
Item 27: TA-1/PT
Generator Protective Cover
NSN: 5965-698-0422
TA-1/PT Push-To-Talk Protective Cover
Item 29: TA-1/PT
Push-To-Talk Rubber Cover
NSN: 5965-698-0424

SB-22/PT Switchboard components

Reel Plug Cord Assembly SC-D-35754
Item 3: SB-22/PT
Assembly NSN: 585-00-607-0357
Binding Posts
Item 24: SB-22/PT and TA-977/PT
TA-222/PT Cord Plug w/o plug
Binding Posts
Item 23: SB-22/PT and TA-977/PT
Binding Posts
        Signal Drop Assembly
Item 26: SB-22/PT Signal Drop Assembly
TA-222/PT & TA-326/PT
Technical Manual 312/PT Telephone set
Item 34: -- Technical Manual -- How to Repair SB-22/PT Switchboard

Generator G25A/PT  Magneto Generator

Item 38: -- SB-22/PT Magneto Hand Crank Generator
or for AN/GRA-6 Remote Control