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4 Each Glow Lamps U-184/GT

Unused Mint Condition with a protective black plastic coating on the plugs (easily removable.) Four Modules ONLY and a includes an instruction Pamphlet for the SB-993/GT and does NOT include a SB-993/GT switchboard I have SB-993 switchboards available for sale. Buy these or several more modules while quantities last. These are very difficult to find. Design your own unique switchboard using these innovative plastic modules that incorporate a glowing lamp when a user rings in to the operator. Use them on the Binding Posts of your field telephones TA-312/PT (TA-312) field telephone, TA-43/PT (TA-43), or also works with the TA-1/PT
  Replace your missing or broken plastic module plugs for the SB-993/GT Signal Corps Switchboard used at the infantry squad or platoon level. The SB-993 switch board can be used in an inexpensive small switchboard network incorporating a Vietnam era military TA-312/PT (TA-312) field telephone, TA-43/PT (TA-43), TA-1/PT (TA-1), or even a SB-22/PT switchboard (SB-22).
  Build your own switchboard using these. There is an ingenious Home Made Switchboard using these modules shown with pictures on the website at WWW.SignalHub.COM. Look at it for ideas!
  Use these as a glow lamp for the TA-312/PT, TA-43/PT, as referenced in the TA-312/PT Operatorer's and Unit Maintenance Manual TM 11-5805-201-12, page 2-8 and attached photos to depict these in the glow lamp mode. Can also be used with the TA-1/PT as well.

Price:$19.95 plus $3.50 shipping (Total: $23.45)

Glow Lamps U-184/GT
Item 11 4 each Glow Lamps U-184/GT

These glow lamp modules can be used for the TA-1/PT
Field Telephones

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