Off Hook Light Assembly
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Battery Power Savings device

1 ea Off Hook light assembly
$11.95 -- $3.95

2 each Off Hook light assembly
$21.00 -- $3.95

3 each Off Hook light assembly
$33.00 -- $3.95.

4 each Off Hook light assembly
$43.00 -- $3.95.


New Mint Condition: Note: As of 12 July 2019, I have reached a very limited quantity level and these will soon be no longer be available -- at least from my website. : This security lamp, Off Hook light assembly, is to alert personnel when the handset H-60/PT is not seated properly in its off-hook switch retaining brackets, thus leaving the line (communications) open and conversation can still be heard at the remotely connected party . Also when the handset is not seated properly the Off Hook Light will turn on indicating the battery dc power will continue to use transmitting power and will eventually become drained -- even without an Off Hook light -- however drain power unnoticeably, unperceptibly until transmitting strengh deteriates. A customer recently emailed me indicating .... "Yes, those diodes really saved my batteries life. I need to order more. I'm going to set up a nice telephone daisy chain this summer. .."