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Telephone Set TA-312/PT Technical Manual

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This is an original Technical Manual dating back to 1957 -- not a copy.

This manual delineates the diagnostics and repair solutions for the TA-312/PT. Also provides an INDEPTH disassembly or exploded views of component diagrams. This is a very thorough "how to" service and repair manual. For those who are are familiar with the different operational and service manuals with the prefix "35" or the highest designation level-category Depot level maintenance, this is the bible of repair manuals.

Look at the TABLE of Contents depicted here in the accompanying photos and you will see that this manual provides more useful information than other current Technical Manuals -- definately a must have.

Brief description of the contents in some the important chapters: First three chapters have the typical Operator's Instructions, Description, and Organizational Maintenance.

Then it gets interesting: Chapter Four: THEORY: What makes it work, through Signaling, transmitting, and using accessories. Chaptor Five: FIELD Maintenance: Important trouble shooting techniques with a Trouble Shooting Chart to isolate the typical problems with these telephones and the Section with the Repairing Procedures: Describes how to remove and replace components by the numbers. Includes many detail explode views/disassemblies of the major components. Describes the Cleaning and Lubrication necessary during the repair process. IMPORTANT: How to adjust the ringer for peak performance. Chapter: Six: In this chapter there are a couple of Schematics: Electrical Diagram to diagnos the operation of the telephone. Wiring Diagram: Of the entire field telephone with the color coded descriptions. Every owner of the Military Field Telephone TA-312/PT should have one

This exploded view of the TA-312/PT Hand Crank Generator is an example of the detail disassembly view of major components:

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