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Technical Repair Information:   So far, as I progress with this website, I will attempt to provide "how to fix " information as best as possible. I don't profess to be the most reliable technical repair person, but I'm trying. It's free -- for what it's worth.

Disclaimer: Perform any procedures I outline here at your own risk. I will not assume any responsibilty in the event you blow up your equipment, sever any limbs, or go blind in the course of following any adjustments, cleaning, operational, or any other preventive maintenance procedures outlined here. I highly recommend you wear protective eye safety glasses, and if you prefer, a comfortable steel pot, and flak jacket. I offer this information based on my experience, consulting technical manuals, and gut-intuition and "winging it" expertise of 47 years -- nothing else, nada. I have had 20 active US Army years of experience with Mech Infantry, Armor, and Artillery units in a Signal Capacity operating this category of equipment: 15 Months in the Republic of South Vietnam. And another 27 civilian years screwing around with it:

Best Batteries to use: I always and frequently recommend Duracell Batteries for optimum performance for all your ground communications equipment. For what it is worth, here is why -- anecdote: When I retired in 1987 and started my computer repair and retail business, I also began to purchase large quantities of Signal Corps communications equipment like TA-312/PT's, 43's, switchboards SB-22/PT's and other equipment that operated on the D-cell 1.5 DC voltage batteries from local auctions at Fort Hood, Texas (12 miles) . I just stored this equipment because I didn't have time to mess with them. When I sold my business 18 years later in 2006, I decided to start selling all this Signal Corps Equipment on my web site: WWW.Signalcenter.Com. In my storage shed I had managed to accumulate a vast amount of this equipment. I unpacked everything. I found to my utter dismay that I failed to check all the battery compartments for batteries inadvertently left installed. A quite a few still had them in. It was a messy battery acid leakage on a bunch that required labor-intensive cleaning. However a few of them had Duracell batteries still in tact without any battery acid leakage what-so-ever. Those messy ones had other brands in them. To this day I will only recommend Duracell for use for this equipment -- it's just a preference. While I don't remember, these Duracell might have still had a good DC charge? I don't know -- won't lie. There are a lot of cheap "off brand" batteries out there that are definately worthless. ... and there are other popular well known brands that I'm sure are reputable, to be fair. But Duracell is my battery of choice. that's why I always have recommended Duracell. Remember though -- always remove the batteries when storing or when not using your equipment for some duration.
Field Telephone Parts Diagrams -- Exploded Views
  1. Hand Set H-60/PT

  2.     See the internal components of this Handset and the color-coded wiring diagram

  3. External component descriptions: TA-312/PT & TA-43/PT series

  4.     Includes the latest version TA-312A/PT, manufactured by: Star Dynamic Corp.

  5. Internal component descriptions:     TA-312 & 43 series
  6.     Also Includes the latest version TA-312A/PT, manufactured by: Star Dynamic Corp.

  7. Hand Crank Generator G-42A/PT
  8.     Exploded parts view, Test Points, and how to adjust the timer.

  9. Multiple TA-1/PT Parts Diagrams     Includes about eight (8) exploded diagram views of the different categories of
        this Sound Powered Field Telephone.

The differences with the TA-43/PT, TA-312/PT, and TA-312A/PT Field Telephones.

Buzzer BZ-23/PT adjustment
Minor adjustments for the buzzer volume in the TA-312/PT and TA-43/PT Field Telephones

Common TA-312/PT Problems
A couple of diagnostic tips for the TA-312/PT and TA-43/PT Field Telephones