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The Following Diagrams provide accurate part descriptions of the various components incorporated in the field telephone TA-1/PT. When ordering parts, refer to the Diagram Number on the page with the Item Number and description. I have a PayPal Account or e-mail me to arrange other methods for payment --

TA-1/PT Sound Powered Field Telephone Diagnostics Info :Here is the beginning of a Diagnostics page I just started. Hope it helps:

Diagram 1
Main Chassis
Diagram 2
Visual Indicator -- Capacitor
Diagram 3
Bottom Cover Assembly
Diagram 4
Wire Contact Assemby
Diagram 5
Ringing Generator
Diagram 6
Cover Assembly w/buzzer
Diagram 7
Buzzer Assemby - Volume Control
Diagram 8
Binding Post Assembly
Diagram 9
Exterior Housing
Diagram 10
Visual Indicator disassembly
Diagram 11
Receiver Transmit Assemblies
Diagram 12
Push to Talk Contact Assembly
Diagram 13
Push to Talk Lever Assembly
Diagram 14
NA -- Not Currently Available

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