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Here's some Diagnostic Tips I've have offered to some customers. Generally these suggestions have worked for me, and I offer them only as possible fixing solutions. Not guaranteed to be totally accurate, so only follow them at your descretion.. You are welcome to use the diagrams I posted here.

The following are questions sent to me and my responses, for what its worth Date: 24 February, 2013

Question: Pedro,

I have a TA-1/PT in need of repair. It will send out a ringer signal,but won't transmit or receive. I tried swapping out the receiver and transmit elements with known good units from my other phones but still doesn't work. Can you repair it for me? Have 35$ in the unit so can you tell me if it is cost effective? Look forward to hearing from you. if you would like to call me. Best regards,Pat

Response: Hi Pat,
Do one other check. Look at my TA-1/PT diagram of the Receiver and Transmitter and compare the parts, paying particular attention to the gaskets. Sometimes a missing gasket or resonator support gasket ring will not allow the necessary correct electrical contact between these elements . Here's the diagram on my website: Another possibility is to try cleaning the intermal Push-to-Talk contacts. This often is a problematic area affecting the circuit for Rec/Trans communications. After cleaning with a light abrasive material (those thin finger nail sandpaper boards), try resetting the springy resiliency of the contact.

Remember, the Push-To-Talk switch is the most manipulated part of the phone -- the spring contact tension gets weaker with time. Just carefully stretch it a little so there's good contact, after lightly cleaning them. You have conducted an excellent diagnostic process through the "diagnose by substitution" process. I have an ample supply of parts for the TA-1 on hand. Typically, TA-1's sell for $70 plus on EBAY. So use this cost guideline to determine the cost effectiveness of getting it fixed or buying parts that ultimately exceed the $70.00. By the time you pay postage, parts, and labor, it may not be cost effective to send it to me for repair. Especially if I have to replace the rec/trans circuit. Good luck, Pete

The Fix

Pete, Well got 'em both operational! Thanks for your support and tips. The problem was loose nuts on the wire connector studs on the cord end. One screw was missing on the connector housing . After removing the other screw and loosening the housing I observed loose nuts that hold the wires to the studs . A little tighten up and they operate perfectly. Maybe you can post this fix for others to check on their non operational TA -1/PT's. Best regards,Pat

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