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Field Wire WD-1/TT, WD-1A/TT and WD-36/TT
General Information and illustrations on wire dispensing and recovery
(from Army Field Manual FM 24-20, Field Wire and Field Cable Techniques)

NOS DR-8 1/4 Mile New in box WD-1A/TT Wire for sale here: Also interesting wire costs to the military -- see documents.

Canvas Donut Canisters MX-6895/TT, MX-6894/TT -- WD-36/TT and Reeling Equipment RL-39 Kit for sale

Wire,Equipment and related Tools for sale Tips and information when Buying Wire, etc.,

MX-306A/G MX-6894/TT MX-6895/TT MX-306A/G MX-6894/TT MX-6895/TT

1 mile RL-159/U 1/4 mile DR-8 Spools

Wire Dispensing Reeling Machines,
The one mile-reel RL-159/U is too heavy and cumbersome to reel out wire without the appropriate reeling machine -- it has a SQUARE Axel Hole. The least expensive reeling machine to use is the one 2 1/2 foot axel steel bar. It is normally a two-man operation, using the RL-27D. The more expensive RL-31E reeling machine can hold two RL-159/U one-mile reels simultaneously -- this usually is overkill for a small wire requirement. For smaller wiring requirements, the RL-39 reeling kits, incorporating the DR-8 spool/reels of 1/4 mile,are ideal -- great for recovering and relocating wire with minimum effort. These smaller spools also incorporate square axel holes.

DR-8 1/4 Mile Spool:
The DR-8 reel spool with a M-221 connector 9" x 9" with a 5/16" square center hole and 3" x 7 5/8" of wire space. The wire space typically will hold 1/4 mile (1,320 ft) of the older WD-1/TT two strand wire. It will hold significantly more of the thinner WD-1A/TT and even up to a mile of the Cylindrical Canvas thinner wire WD-36/TT (MX-6894/TT & MX-6895/TT). The RL-39 Reeling Maching facilitates despensing the wire (reel out) or retrieving it.

RL-31E Reeling Machine for RL-159/U Reeling Machine RL-27D Reeling Machine RL-39 1 mile RL-159/U 1/4 mile DR-8 Spools
Soldier Dispensing MX-306A/G MX-6894/TT MX-6895/TT

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Reeling Equipment RL-39 for Field Wire WD-1/TT
General Information

Recovering Wire

Dispensing Wire

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