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Test Contact Points

Contacts #1 and #3, as shown

Note: Contact point #2 is for the Buzzer and switches to #3 when the crank handle of the generator is cranked. You can almost hear the internal plunger activate for a second deactivating switch contact #2 and returning after the generator cranks turning stops. This default positon allows the incoming signaling current to ring or activate the buzzer when the operator is not activating the crank generator.

If the Buzzer is not working normally through the Binding Posts and a direct current is applied to contacts points directly on the buzzer, thus bypassing the Binding Post lines and the generato, it is possible that the Generator G42A contacts #2 or the contact points at the rubber plunger area is not working. Remember, if the crank handle has no resistance and turns loosely, with no signaling current out -- doesn't ring another telephone; the generator is defective. You have nothing to lose, then. Take it apart to see if there are any loose components in it. I fixed one generator by "supergluing" a broken gear shaft at the rotor #35 (see exploded detail view) and it worked great.

On the subject of taking apart: Sometimes it is easy to screw the front cover off the main body cover/cup of the generator. However many are very difficult to unscrew apart. The process then would be to improvise a clamp for the main body inorder to then unscrew the front cap. Improvisation is inorder then.Good luck.

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