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Considering buying a Switchboard?

Thank you for your interest in considering a purchase. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have over 30 SB-22/PT switchboards. I live in a military-centric community -- only 12 miles from Fort Hood, Tx. I have acquired most of the switchboards in the local area and auctions at Fort Hood. Over the years after I retired I have been purchasing at least two or three per month in different operational condition and completeness; most are fully operational with minor defects, and some I have to repair, replace parts, clean, upgrade and whatever is required to sell a near-perfectly fully operational tested switchboard without issues.

My first three years in the Army I went to a military electronics-communications repair school at Fort Gordon, Ga to be trained to repair these; .... and subsequently assigned to a maintenance battalion with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Brag, NC as a repairman to service/repair this equipment. The rest of my commissioned officer military career (20 years) I relied on this equipment in my job as a Signal Officer in Vietnam, abroad, and stateside.

With all that said, I am selling more than two or three per month, and to date I haven't had one returned for issues. As the first page of my Signal Center website indicates, I sell them for $600.00 plus $50.00 shipping. With the switchboard I include an original User/Operator Manual and an Original Technical Repair Manual with all the equipment. I have an ample supply of repair parts for all this equipment. I sell a fully tested operational, complete SB-22/PT switchboard , complete with a new headset H-182/PT and include an additional spare new ear-headset cushion. The shipping costs averages between 35 to 50 dollars, depending on your location. I will refund any excess shipping costs after I ship, and defray costs above the $50.00.

Extra repair parts: I would also include a couple of new retractable cords for future spare parts.

Most EBAY sellers sell their equipment, untested and "as-is" they are not knowledgeable on the equipment to offer any technical assistance or are technically knowledgeable to conduct accurate operational testing on these switchboards . I repair and work with these switchboards almost daily. Interestingly I have frequently sold repair parts, headsets, Technical Manuals, to customers who have purchased these switchboards on EBAY; in most cases their final costs to complete a fully equipped, functional switchboard exceeds the $600.00, and of course doesn't factor in the frustration they experience in the interim. To be fair, EBAY sellers don't intentionally or knowingly sell broken equipment. Mostly, are just not familiar with this type of military communications equipment; but caveat emptor.

These are used. These switchboards are not new; they have worn paint, small small dings and scratches -- no broken/damaged components and of significance it will not have dry-rotted rubber, which is typical on most switchboards. While still in stock, I include a new Headset H-182/PT ($150.00 value) with the switchboard -- as indicated, also I add an extra new ear cushion for replacement in the future.

This "hobby" has evolved into a dynamic part-time business -- occasionaly I'm overwhelmed. Currently I'm preparing a complete SB-22/PT system also with some TA-43's TA-312's to fill an order, so if you decide to buy from me, it could possibly up to two weeks to fill it; you won't be disappointed. Even though I'm fully retired and initially doing this as a hobby, unwittingly I'm almost doing this full time now. Usually I can get them shipped sooner, but I need the "buffer or extra time" in there. . I accept PayPal or a postal money order. I don't sell the switchboards or field telephones on EBAY because I have sufficient customers buying on this website. I sell the repair parts for these switchboards and field telephones on EBAY and have to date (26 June, 2020): a 1272, 100% positive feedback rating for sold items.